Never said that the reason for the spread of corona in the villages of Punjab is the ongoing peasant agitation on the Delhi border: Tripat Bajwa

Chandigarh, May 22 (Ozi Indian Bureau): Punjab Rural Development and Panchayat Minister Tripat Rajinder Singh Bajwa today clarified here that he had never said that the outbreak of corona in the villages of Punjab was due to repeal of three anti-farmer laws. It is on the rise due to farmers returning from the above dharnas. The Panchayat Minister said in his press statement that he was very clear that the Corona epidemic had not only re-emerged in Punjab but had spread across the country. The disease has spread in the last two months even in states far from Delhi. The Panchayat Minister said that there were other reasons for the rise in the Corona epidemic in the country, one of the main reasons being that despite experts predicting a second wave of Corona, the Center The government has not made adequate arrangements. Mr. Bajwa said, “I am a staunch supporter of the peasant struggle and I also realize that the peasant movement cannot be left in the middle. I have never said that corona is on the rise in the villages of Punjab due to the peasant struggle. The Panchayat Minister said that he had only advised that for the safety of themselves and their families, the farmers returning from the dharna should be tested when they come to the villages for their own good. "I am deeply saddened that a section of the media has created a sensation by misrepresenting the matter," he said.