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Trudeau support for Khalistani separatists amid call for independence in his backyard

Chandigarh, September 22   Amid deteriorating diplomatic relations between India and Canada, BJP vice-president Baijayant Panda on Wednesday made an interesting tongue-in-cheek remark that attracted attention of people towards a relatively lesser-known issue in India—the Quebec independence movement. Panda’s elaborate statement, suggesting that in “spirit of friendship with Canada”, India must consider “facilitating an online referendum on the Quebec independence …

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In the case of ban on visa services for Canadians, these people can travel to India without hindrance

Toronto, September 22 Canada’s allegations of India’s involvement in the killing of a Sikh separatist in Surrey that sparked a diplomatic row between the two nations are based on both human and signals intelligence and inputs from an ally from Ottawa’s Five Eye intelligence network, a media report has said citing the Canadian government sources. Tensions flared between India and …

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Khalistan referendum in Canada as PM flags ‘anti-India’ activities with Trudeau

Even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised strong objection to “anti-India” activities by extremist elements in Canada, the Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) organised a Khalistani referendum in Surrey, British Columbia. Khalistani separatist and SFJ founder Gurpatwant Singh Pannun made a public appearance at the referendum and delivered an inciteful speech hinting at ‘balkanising’ India. He was escorted by a team …

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