World Leaders Experience India’s Rich Musical Heritage At G20 Gala Dinner

World leaders at the G20 summit savoured India’s musical heritage during a gala dinner hosted by President Murmu, blending classical and contemporary music at Bharat Mandapam.


During the G20 gala dinner hosted by President Droupadi Murmu on Saturday night, dignitaries from around the world were treated to a mesmerising showcase of India’s musical heritage. The ceremonial dinner, held on Saturday night at the G20 Leaders Summit’s Bharat Mandapam venue in the national capital, celebrated the country’s diverse musical traditions, which included a mix of classical and contemporary music styles.

The musical extravaganza featured performances by 78 artists who wielded a plethora of Hindustani, Carnatic, and folk instruments, including some rare and unique ones. Among the instruments that graced the stage were Sursingar, Mohan Veena, Jaltarang, Jodiya Pawa, Dhangali, Dilruba, Sarangi, Kamaicha, Matta Kokila Veena, Naltarang, Tungbuk, Pakhawaj, Rabab, Ravanhattha, Thal Dana, and Rudra Veena, to name a few, as per a report by news agency ANI.

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