Libya flood survivors as thousands dead and missing

The pictures coming out of Derna are incomprehensible.

The power of the water unleashed by the dams has changed the landscape – words like “wasteland” are being used because it’s simply carved the earth.

The arrivals hall at Benghazi airport is echoing when it should have been bustling with aid arriving – but because of the political situation, it is not.

The situation reminds me of the difference between the aid that reached Turkey following a devastating earthquake earlier this year, and the fact that less aid arrived in Syria due to the political situation there.

This would appear to be the same situation here – in terms of waiting for permission and even getting from Benghazi to Derna.

It’s not a lack of will from the international community, it’s simply the logistics this country battles with after so many years of conflict.

There are calls to establish a sea corridor to bring in relief and potentially evacuate some of the survivors. There are also rumours of attempt to entirely evacuate Derna.

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