NIA charge sheet reveals Hardeep Nijjar, Arsh Dalla’s chilling plot; lured shooters for terror acts in exchange for ‘Canadian dreams’

Both Nijjar and Dalla were based in Canada.

“The global terrorists Hardeep Singh Nijjar, Arshdeep Singh and others formed a terrorist gang. They conspired to kidnap and kill the people of other faiths to create a sense of fear and disaffection among different sections of society in the state of Punjab,” the charge sheet read.

“Investigations have revealed that Nijjar and Arsh lured people to commit terror acts in return for arranging visas, splendid jobs and handsome earnings for them in Canada. Initially, they were motivated for threatening and extorting money from businessmen in Punjab and subsequently they were radicalised and motivated for carrying out terrorist acts of killing persons of other faiths,” it added.

According to intelligence sources, a significant number of these “vulnerable” young individuals, initially brought to Canada for various roles such as plumbing, truck driving, or serving in religious capacities in more than 30 gurdwaras controlled by pro-Khalistan factions in places like Surrey, Brampton, Edmonton, become ensnared in the separatist cause.

“They are subsequently exploited to orchestrate anti-India demonstrations and host radical religious gatherings in Canada,” said sources.

They further claimed that students who complete their studies in Canada but struggle to secure suitable employment are particularly vulnerable.

“Pro-Khalistan extremists extend offers of shelter and low-wage jobs using resources from gurdwaras for their sustenance,” said sources.

When the ISI-backed Khalistani group ‘Sikhs for Justice’ faced challenges in garnering support for their anti-India campaign, the ‘Punjab Independence Referendum,’ Nijjar and his associates enlisted these ‘foot soldiers’ to create the illusion of campaign success, the intelligence sources claimed.

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