India: Political Storm Brews in Bihar Over Controversial Caste Census

In the heart of Bihar, a political storm is brewing over a recently released caste-based survey report. The survey, conducted under the leadership of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, has ignited intense political activity and debate, as it sheds light on the population percentages of different castes and religions in the state.

Survey Sparks Nationwide Debate

The release of the report has not only stirred up local politics but also provoked demands for a nationwide caste-based data census. The INDIA bloc parties, including the Congress party, have strongly advocated for such a survey, making it one of their key agendas for the upcoming assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh.

However, the report has faced criticism from some quarters. The Rashtriya Lok Janata Dal (RJD), led by Upendra Khushwaha, has disputed the authenticity of the survey, calling it ‘fake and fabricated’. This has turned the accuracy of the data into a hot-button issue, with different political parties offering contrasting views.

Political Accusations

The Bharatiya Janata Party (s and Counter-AccusationBJP), facing anti-incumbency after a long rule in Madhya Pradesh, has accused the Congress of engaging in appeasement politics. They argue that the Congress is using the caste census as a political tool to gain electoral advantage. The BJP has highlighted its own efforts in empowering backward classes and questioned the Congress’ commitment to the welfare of marginalized communities.

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