PM Modi highlights empowering youth through skill development scheme at Kaushal Deekshant Samaroh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday (October 12) virtually addressed the Kaushal Deekshant Samaroh and celebrated the significant impact of India’s skill development initiatives. He commended the joint skill convocation of institutions across the nation, considering it a laudable endeavor that aligns with India’s contemporary priorities

During the event, PM Modi emphasized the vital role of youth in harnessing a nation’s potential, regardless of its unique capabilities. He recognized the dynamic nature of modern work, highlighting the need for continuous upskilling and adaptability. Jobs and demands are in constant flux, necessitating agility and constant learning.

The Prime Minister underscored the importance of skill development institutions, research organizations, and industries evolving in tandem with the changing times. Over the past nine years, India has established around five thousand new Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) to bolster skill development.

PM Modi reaffirmed the significance of youth power in driving a country’s growth and prosperity. He remarked that every nation possesses distinct assets, such as natural resources or extensive coastlines, but the critical ingredient for leveraging these assets is the strength of its youth.

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