Allahabad High Court acquits Maninder Pandher, Surender Koli in Nithari case; overturns death penalty

Prayagraj (UP), October 16

The Allahabad High Court on Monday acquitted Surender Koli and Maninder Singh Pandher in the infamous Nithari serial killings case in Noida for lack of evidence.

Both had been sentenced to death on charges of rape and murder.

A total 19 cases had been lodged against businessman Pandher and his domestic help Koli in 2007. The CBI had filed closure reports in three of the 19 cases due to lack of evidence.

The sensational killings came to light with the discovery of the skeletal remains of eight children from the drain behind Pandher’s house in Nithari, Noida, on December 29, 2006.

Further digging and searches of drains in the area around Pandher’s house led to more skeletal remains being found. Most of these remains were that of poor children and young women who had gone missing from the area.

Within 10 days, the CBI took over the case and its search resulted in the recovery of more bones.

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