Hema Malini sings ‘Tune o rangile’ to Dharmendra at her 75th birthday bash, here are videos from celebration

Chandigarh, October 17

Mumbai witnessed an extravagant spectacle as the iconic actress and politician, Hema Malini, celebrated her 75th birthday with a grand party. The event played host to a star-studded guest list of Bollywood’s elite, a night filled with glamour, heartfelt wishes, and a touch of romance, as Dharmendra and Hema shared a special moment.

The guest list read like a who’s who of Bollywood, with luminaries such as Rekha, Anupam Kher, Jaya Bachchan, Salman Khan, Rani Mukerji, Vidya Balan, and Raveena Tandon gracing the occasion. The red carpet shimmered with a slew of stars in attendance.

Hema Malini radiated grace in a stunning pink saree paired with statement jewelry, epitomizing timeless elegance. Her daughter, Esha, elevated her fashion game in a dazzling golden gown, showcasing the flair for fashion runs in the family.

Dharmendra, ever the charmer, donned a dapper black blazer, effortlessly paired with a black shirt and jeans. As the evening progressed, love took center stage. Hema Malini serenaded her husband, Dharmendra, with a heartfelt rendition of “Tune O Rangile.” As they held hands and the twinkle in their eyes spoke volumes about their enduring love.Anupam Kher shared the videos of these special moments from the birthday celebration and wrote, “Hema Malini ji is undoubtedly the most graceful and dignified lady in the Indian film Industry. I was in college when I first saw her shooting for #Kudrat film. I was 24 then. After getting into films I was lucky to have worked with her in some movies. Yesterday was her 75th birthday. She hosted a party. It was one of the most enjoyable evenings. Full of music, fun and nostalgia. And even after so many years #HemaJi has the same grace, dignity, magic and inner beauty! May God give her long, happy and healthy life. Hema ji ki jai ho!”

The 75th birthday celebration of Hema Malini not only commemorated her life’s milestones but also underscored the love shared with her husband, Dharmendra. It was an evening where stars shone bright, and the melodies of love filled the air, leaving a lasting memory in the hearts of all who attended.

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