No decline in infiltration along LoC in Baramulla’s Uri sector: Army

Srinagar, November 16

As winter sets in, the Indian Army on Thursday emphasised that there has been no noticeable decrease in the relentless attempts by terrorists to infiltrate across the Line of Control (LoC) in the Uri sector of Baramulla district.

Colonel Raghav, Commanding Officer of the Indian Army’s 8 Rashtriya Rifles, provided insights into ‘Operation Kaali’, a successful joint operation conducted on November 15 to foil a major infiltration bid. The operation, conducted collaboratively with Jammu and Kashmir Police, resulted in substantial casualties among the infiltrating terrorists and the recovery of various warlike supplies.

Operation Kaali was launched based on intelligence gathered from reliable sources.

“This operation led to significant casualties among terrorists and the recovery of various warlike supplies,” Col Raghav said.

The Indian Army, cognizant of the increasing infiltration threats, bolstered its counter-infiltration and surveillance infrastructure in the area, deploying joint operation parties.

The early hours of November 15 saw the culmination of these efforts when surveillance successfully tracked the movement of terrorists across the LoC. Subsequent engagements with the infiltrators led to an exchange of gunfire.

A detailed search of the area uncovered numerous terrorist casualties, although the exact number remains unconfirmed due to the proximity to the LoC.

The operation yielded two recovered bodies along with warlike stores, including AK series rifles, two pistols, Chinese grenades, ammunition, medical supplies, eatables, Pakistani currency, and identification papers.

Of particular significance was the elimination of Bashir Ahmad Malik and his companion Ahmad Gani Sheikh, with Malik being a key figure in cross-border terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir for the past three decades.

Col Raghav said, “The most salient feature of this operation is the neutralisation of Bashir Ahmed Malik. He was an important cog in the cross-border terror mechanism that is operating in Jammu and Kashmir, supported by our adversary. He was PoK-based launch commander and behind many infiltrations that have happened across the line of control. He has been actively involved in terrorism for last three decades and facilitated a number of infiltrations across the LoC which have resulted in the loss of lives of many Indian citizens, including our soldiers.”

His (Malik’s) neutralisation is a severe blow to the terror infrastructure across the line of control and terrorism sympathisers and supporters of terrorism,” Raghav said.

“One more important thing is that even after the onset of winter, terrorists have not reduced their infiltration attempts. The regular infiltration attempts, despite winter setting in, show desperation of our adversary and tanzims (militant outfits) to push maximum terrorists so that their number in Kashmir increases and disturb peace in the Valley,” Raghav said.

“This operation is also a testimony of the synergy between security and intelligence agencies in J&K. It is a mark of professionalism, courage, selfless service and valor of our brave soldiers,” he said.

“Finally, I would assure everyone on behalf of Indian Army that Indian Army is well prepared to thwart any nefarious designs of an adversary or any terrorist outfit to foment trouble in Kashmir,” he said.

“Also, we will not let any breach to the Line of control,” Raghav said.



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