Nighat Faheem makes history as first woman from Srinagar to win District Auto-X Race

Chandigarh, November 15

In a significant breakthrough in the traditionally male-dominated world of motorsports, Nighat Faheem has etched her name in history by becoming the first woman from Srinagar to win the District Auto-X Race.

Nighat, with her determination and dedication, has achieved the remarkable feat that stands as a testament to her passion for racing.

ccording to a report by ETV Bharat, she invested countless hours in practice to attain the desired result, showcasing her commitment to breaking barriers in the local car racing scene.

With a driving experience spanning over 12 years, the Srinagar resident expressed joy on being the first Kashmiri woman to secure the top spot in the ‘Gypsy category’ of the District Srinagar Auto-X Race. Drawing inspiration from her husband, Faheem, an accomplished off-road racer, Nighat learned the ropes closely studying his racing videos.

For Nighat, the victory marks her second off-road race in a Gypsy, a dream she had nurtured for long. Encouraging other women to step into the racing arena, she urged them to participate in every possible event to bring pride to Kashmir.

As a mother to a 12-year-old daughter, Nighat’s extraordinary accomplishment not only brings honour to her family but also serves as a source of inspiration to young motorsport enthusiasts across the Kashmir Valley.

In a broader context of promoting women in motorsports, the Kashmir Valley recently hosted JK Auto-X Women, a groundbreaking Women-Only Autocross event aimed at shattering stereotypes and fostering women empowerment in the thrilling world of auto racing. Nighat Faheem’s triumph adds momentum to this movement.

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