Punjabi singer Gurnam Bhullar gets married, Harbhajan Mann adds glamour with performance

Chandigarh, November 12

In a musical crescendo of joy, Punjabi singer and actor Gurnam Bhullar has embarked on a harmonious journey of matrimony, beautifully captured in the resplendent hues of his wedding pictures. Dressed in traditional attire, Bhullar’s wedding extravaganza appears to be more than just a reel-life portrayal, hinting at the genuine celebration of love.

While the artist has remained tight-lipped about the union, Instagram is abuzz with snapshots from the intimate ceremony, dispelling any notion of it being a mere cinematic spectacle. The photographs paint a canvas of Bhullar’s heartfelt joy as he steps into this new chapter of life.

Gurnam Bhullar is known for his musical prowess and acting alike. His songs and albums continue to win hearts globally.

As fans eagerly await an official confirmation and details about this significant milestone, heartfelt wishes pour on social media for the newlyweds.

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