Two youths convert a Mumbai local train compartment into a dining area

Chandigarh, November 20

In Mumbai, where local trains are an indispensable mode of transportation for many visitors and commuters alike, two enterprising youths introduced a distinctive dining experience on wheels.Through their Instagram account, Aryan Kataria and Sarthak Sachdeva gave the public a peek into their creative endeavour, which attracted a lot of interest.

The two carefully thought out every step of their endeavour, which included making and sending out invitations for the “grand opening” of their pop-up restaurant, “Tasty Ticket.” The cards included the event’s date, time, and location, along with a promise of complimentary meals for everyone who showed up.

On the day of launch, Aryan and Sarthak converted a train compartment into a dining area while they were dressed as servers. After spreading a table and covering it with a spotless white cloth, they sat down to serve their first patrons. The menu, which included Maggi noodles with ketchup and seasoned jalebi were the main highlights.

The passengers gave an extremely favourable response. A few even took pictures of this amazing event as they became inquisitive consumers. The footage of this adventure became viral, receiving around 97,000 likes and over a million views.

One person dared them to open up shop during peak hours, while another recommended they try their act during the Monday morning rush hour at Dadar station.

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